Since 1997, Casa La Esperanza has assisted and counseled girls who are pregnant, confused and find themselves in an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. At Casa La Esepranza, we provide emotional support, spiritual guidance and baby care essentials to young mothers and families who are alone, having financial and emotional difficulties or don't know where or whom to turn to for help. We are supported by the local community and therefore, we strictly rely on donations from churches, individuals and fundraising events. Your direct financial support allows us to continue our mission of reaching those struggling with unplanned pregnancies as well as mothers and their babies in need of our free services. 



  • free pregnancy tests
  • doctor referrals
  • community agency referrals
  • diapers
  • baby clothing
  • baby shoes
  • baby wipes
  • baby bottles
  • baby blankets
  • material aid
  • spiritual guidance
  • educational classes on prenatal care
  • educational classes on breastfeeding

Our help is free and confidential with no judgement made.